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ABCD: American-Born Confused Desi is a 2013 Malayalam comedy film directed by Martin Prakkat, produced by Shibu Thameens under the banner of Thammens Films.It stars Dulquer Salmaan, Jacob Gregory Aparna Gopinath and Tovino Thomas in the lead roles. The film features music composed by Gopi Sunder, whilst cinematography is handled by Jomon T. John and is edited by Donmax

The film deals about the journey of two young American Malayalees to their Motherland, Kerala with the title based on the term American-Born Confused Desi.

The story revolves around two spoiled youngsters: Johns Isaac (Dulquer Salmaan) and his cousin Korah (Jacob Gregory). Johns is the son of a billionaire named Isaac (Lalu Alex) who is settled in New York, while Korah's mother left for Paris with her new husband. Johns and Korah enjoy their luxurious life by driving luxurious cars, going to pubs etc. One day, they are arrested by the police for beating up a guy in a pub, who takes revenge by attacking Johns' house. Johns' parents convince him to go to Kerala in India with Korah for vacation. Although reluctant at first, Johns and Korah leave for India.

In India, they are shocked when they realize that their bank accounts are blocked by John's father, in a last attempt to teach them how to lead a simple life. They decide to sell their laptop, iPad and mobile to meet daily expenses. They also learn from John's dad that they have to live with a monthly expenses of 5000 rupees (84.10 USD). His dad also force them to go to a college. With no other choice, they start to live a simple life. In college, they meet a tomboy named Madhumitha (Aparna Gopinath), whom Johns falls in love with. In an attempt to impress Madhumitha, Johns makes up a story that they came to India to help the poor by leading a simple life. A news editor overhears this story and publishes an article in the newspaper about Johns and Korah. Following this article, Johns and Korah's news goes viral and they become public idols across Kerala.

Meanwhile, Ravi Varma (Vijayaraghavan), a minister in Kerala, dies and his son Akhilesh Varma (Tovino Thomas) decides to take his position as minister. During this time, Johns and Korah go missing after a protest against the police.They later show up in Madhumitha's house, asking her for some money for the flight ticket so they can return to America. Fearing that Johns and Korah's publicity among the poor would affect his election, Akhilesh ambushes Johns and Korah when they were about to leave for America. They are eventually arrested by Akhilesh's supportive city police commissioner (Sijoy Varghese). They are soon shocked to learn that the Government is deporting them back to New York after being fed up by their doings. Johns' father arrives in the airport to take them, only to be surprised to learn that Johns and Korah have became famous in Kerala.

The movie ends with a series of events that took place after Johns and Korah left India. Akhilesh lost the election and many homeless people got their houses built by the Government as a result of Johns and Korah's protests. Johns sent the money Madhumitha gave them for buying the flight tickets. He also confessed to her that he loves her, but Madhumitha declined it although she loves him back too. Although Johns and Korah learned a lot from their time in India, they are still troublemakers who are enjoying their life in New York.